NetFormer  –
3 phase transformers

The patented Netformer Transformer is an integral part of Netpowers DC UPS design eliminating all harmonics at PCC.  A unique solution for large scale deployment.


The Netformer is an isolation transformer that cancels the harmonic currents generated by the loads and supply single phase output to the rectifiers.

System Functions

Surge protection

The isolation design gives added protection against power surges such as lighting strikes.

Harmonic Cancellation

The unique patented design eliminates harmonics generated by the rectifiers making the data center fully compliant with grid code at PCC.

One Phase output

The Netformer is an integral part of the Netpower concept.



Frequency:    50/60Hz 
Voltage:    120V – 20kV AC 
Impedance Voltage:    3,0 – 4,0 % 
Connectors:   CU block 


Voltage:   3 x 230V AC 
Power:   200KVA – 2000 KVA 
Connectors  Voltage:  Breakers/Fuses 

Mechanical data 

Temperature class:    F (155°C) 
Enclosure: IP 20 – IP54 
Noise:  <40dB


EN/IEC 60950, Class 1
IEC 60726 


Building the transformer with a high quality sheet metal core and carefully designed CU windings. The NetFormer has exceptional properties, requires less material and increases the energy efficiency. 

The NetFormer transformers are ideal for demanding UPS applications. 


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