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Netpower Labs AB is Swedish privately held company owned by the founders and employees.

With founders coming from the telecom power industry, Netpower was founded as a research lab/consultant company with focus on tele- and datacom power and its related challanges. The customers were large companies and organisations in the power and telecom sector like ABB, Ericsson and research organisations Elforsk and Swedish Energy Agency.

Based on the idea of developing power solutions with the highest possible reliability, power quality and energy efficiency the for a global market we 2006 started to develop products for the data center market. Our first product, the DC UPS 380V -Gen1- was released with a lot of interests from all over the world and our first installation in Gnesta became world famous with visitors coming from 5 continents.

As one of the pioneers in DC power systems and components (often described as a new 'disrupting' technology) we are already in the 3rd generation of our DC UPS with higher power, integrated solar energy etc. Now we believe that we have the best system solution and the highest possible energy efficiency available on the market.

As a first step towards a future public market listing, Netpower Labs AB is presented on the NGM 'pre-market'.


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