Our history

Founded in 2000 Netpower Labs AB is a Swedish privately held company owned by the founders and employees.

With founders coming from the telecom power industry, Netpower was founded as a research lab/consultant company with focus on tele- and datacom power and its related challanges. The customers were large companies and organisations in the power and telecom sector like ABB and Ericsson as well as research organisations like Elforsk and Swedish Energy Agency.

Based on the idea of developing power solutions with the highest possible reliability, power quality and energy efficiency the for a global market we 2006 started to develop products for the data center market. Our first product, the DC UPS 380V -Gen1- was released with a lot of interests from all over the world and our first installation in Gnesta became world famous with visitors coming from 5 continents. The -Gen1- UPS has been running in live installations for many years now with proven reliability, energy efficiency and power quality.

Back in 2006 no one was talking about energy efficiency and energy cost was not an issue in any installation. Today the CO2 problem and increasing energy cost has put energy efficiency on top of the agenda.

We continously develop new and improved system components and in 2011 we released the -G2- system with improved power capabilities and higher power density.

Today the -G3- system has been installed in many sites globally and we have learned a lot during theses years. With the addition of integrated solar (PV) regulators, higher power and better energy efficiency we think it's the best DC UPS 380V system available on the market. In addition to the UPS we now have a complete installation system, LED lighting system, high-efficient transformers and advanced power monitoring systems in our product portfolio.

Saving energy and reducing the amount of CO2 is not only a matter of saving money, or follow a trend, it's also a question of moral.


A list of our reference installations.


Our history

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